Do You Know How to Patent an Idea or Product

Many people want to know they can patent their idea or a product. Before this question can be answered a correction first needs to be made. People wanting to patent an idea are out of luck. An idea by it self can not be patented. However, a product which is based on the idea can be patented.

A product is a developed with details unlike and ideas which can be abstract and not well defined. Effort must be placed in order to develop and idea into a product or a process.

What is a Patent Application

Patent application is a application which is filed with United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) when applying for a patent application. There are however different kind of patent applications therefore hiring a patent agency like InventHelp to help is recommended as you can see from this Invent Help review. The main type patent application is a non-provisional application. Once this type of application is filed by the applicant, its examined by USPTO. During examination of the application its decided if the claims are allowable or if they should be rejected.

What are The Costs For Applying For a Patent

Costs of getting a patent vary. First in order to file a patent application a person or an entity must also pay filing fees. Filing fees are different depending on whether the entity filing is a small entity or a large entity. Filing fees for a non-provisional application have three parts: basic fling fee, search fee and examination fee. Additionally, there may also be fees based on application size and number of claims excess of three included independent claims.

The current basic filing fee for a small entity is $165 and $330 for large entity. Search fee for a small entity is $270 and $540 for large entity. Examination fee for a small entity is $110 and $220 for a large entity. The fees listed are only the current fees and change over time as decided by the USPTO.

Further, filing fees alone do not contribute to the costs of getting a patent. In addition of the fees paid to the USPTO, attorney fees will also be required if attorney consultation is used. Attorney fees vary from region to region, firm to firm and the level of experience of the attorney. Fees change, however rates can run from $200/hr to upwards of $800/hr. Hiring only one company such as InventHelp that can help you in all these steps would be most affordable for sure.

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