Irrigation Maintenance

The key factor that determines your lawn to reach its maximum aesthetic potential is an irrigation system that works even in your absence. Proper watering is crucial for any water area and many of the professional irrigation solutions promise to keep your lawn in all its natural beauty and serenity. The easy to use automatic irrigation systems will save on your valuable maintenance time.

Garden irrigation system installation is not so complex but much easier and affordable if a few practical tips are kept in mind. If you take the short cuts, it will naturally lead you into trouble. Shortcuts will make you do additional work or repair.

A proper irrigation system design will make your primary steps in the installation of the lawn irrigation system perfect. It is always best to call in the professionals to install the sprinklers and irrigation in Omaha Nebraska. You should consider certain practical aspects for a perfect design. It includes ensuring the sprinklers to spray away from buildings so that they will not wet the walls. If the water wet the walls then it will lead to damp inner walls. If the garden is fenced, then care should be taken not to overspray into your neighbor’s garden. The water lines should be kept as short as possible. This practical action will help you to minimize the labor cost, which is greater than the cost of the irrigation pipes.

The route of trenches in which the irrigation pipes will be buried should be carefully planned even before the starting of the digging. Try to accommodate a large number of pipes together in a single trench. This will reduce trenching. The most practical way is to dig the trench just inside the flowerbed and right next to the edge of the lawn. This will help the lawn remain unaffected by the digging. This type of digging will affect only annual border plants.

Dig trenches in such a way that they take the shortest route to the sprinkler position inside the flowerbeds. This measure will minimize the damage to plants and roots of large shrubs and trees. You should also try to keep a good distance between the trench and the tree trunks. If the tree trunks are close to the sprinkler, then it will affect the sprinkling pattern. If the sprinkler position is close to a tree in certain cases, then the sprinkler should be moved to a better position. Always remember the fact that in a good garden irrigation system, the sprays should be placed to spray head to head.

While digging and installing garden irrigation systems try to walk in the trenches to prevent the damage to plants. Uprooted plants, which are carefully removed, should be placed back in their original position after the pipes have been installed and the trenches are filled. If the garden system installation is done in the place where severe frost and freezing occur, then great care should be taken. At such conditions, you should ensure that the lines drain out after each irrigation cycle to prevent the water freezing in the pipes. Construct an appropriate drainage sump at the position of the flush valve.

Many garden installation systems are damaged by dogs. It can also damaged by forks while digging the garden after installation. This can be prevented by digging the trenches to a depth of one and a half foot plus the diameter of the pipe. Using pop-up sprays that are not easily accessible to pets can also help you get out of such a situation.

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