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The Chicago Roots of Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven, a figure renowned in Hollywood circles for his stellar performances, does not look towards Los Angeles or New York for his roots, but instead, the vibrant streets of Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised in this bustling city filled with a rich arts culture and a vibrant theater scene, Piven’s upbringing played a crucial role in shaping his successful acting career.

A Theatrical Family

Coming from a family heavily invested in performing arts, Jeremy Piven was destined for the stage. His parents were both actors and drama teachers who founded the Piven Theatre Workshop in the northern suburbs of Chicago. This was a fertile ground for Jeremy’s early interest in acting, with the theater encouraging artist-exploration and fostering a genuine appreciation for the craft. Countless well-known actors honed their skills at this very workshop, including John Cusack and Aidan Quinn, proving the significance of the Piven family’s contribution to the theater world.

Early Exposure and Imparted Lessons

Jeremy’s exposure to theater at a young age greatly impacted his approach to performing arts. Acting wasn’t just about getting on stage and reciting lines, it was about immersing oneself in the frame of mind of the character, understanding their motivations, fears, and ambitions. This perspective was bred in the heart of the Piven Theatre Workshop and it became the guiding principle in Jeremy’s own acting methodology.

The Influence of Chicago on His Career

Beyond his family background, the city of Chicago itself held significant influence over Piven’s career. Known for its intense and honest approach to theater, Chicago places heavy emphasis on the craft and character development, rather than just performing. This ethos complemented Piven’s natural aptitude for engaging viewers with complex, convincing characters.

Chicago’s history of exceptional theater and Piven’s personal connection to the Windy City have been sizable ingredients in the recipe of his Hollywood success. For instance, his portrayal of a passionate and determined Hollywood agent, Ari Gold in the TV series “Entourage”, showcases Piven’s grounding in character-driven, authentic performances — a legacy from his Chicago theater days.


Jeremy Piven’s Chicago roots have undeniably impacted his career, shaping the actor we know and greatly admire today. The Piven Theatre Workshop’s mission to bring honesty and conviction to acting has been engrained in Piven’s own approach to his craft. As he continues to grace our screens with his distinctive performances, it is clear that Piven carries his Chicago origins with him, a testament to the city’s influence and his family’s impact on the world of theater. Whether he is delivering Emmy-award winning performances or advocating for his environmental concerns, Jeremy Piven remains Chicago’s very own Hollywood powerhouse.

Jeremy Piven: The Journey to Award-Winning Stardom

Jeremy Piven is widely recognized as a versatile and talented American performer, commanding recognition and acclaim for his exceptional contributions to television, film, and theater. Over the decades, Piven’s performances have engaged and inspired audiences across the world while earning him an enviable position among Hollywood’s elite.

Born in Manhattan on July 26, 1965, Piven was lucky to get an early exposure to acting, thanks primarily to his parents’ involvement in theater. They were both acting teachers and founders of the prestigious Piven Theatre Workshop located in Evanston, Illinois. From an early age, young Jeremy performed at the Workshop alongside other family members, forming the bedrock for his future acting career.

A Steady Climbing Career

Piven’s professional journey began in earnest in the late 80s when he featured in several television shows including, “The Larry Sanders Show” and “Ellen.” Piven’s big breakthrough came in the mid-90s when he starred in films such as “Grosse Pointe Blank” (1997) and “Very Bad Things” (1998). These roles helped him establish his acting credentials while demonstrating his versatility.

The Height of Stardom with “Entourage”

But it wasn’t until 2004, when Piven’s acting career would reach greater heights, thanks to his role as Ari Gold in the popular series “Entourage.” His portrayal of the ambitious, ruthless, yet hilarious Hollywood agent earned him three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, a Golden Globe Award, and catapulted him into the realm of global fame.

A Continued Legacy in Film

In subsequent years, Piven left his mark on the big screen with memorable performances in movies such as “The Kingdom” (2007), “RocknRolla” (2008), and “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014).

If you want to learn more about Piven’s acting career, check out “Jeremy Piven – A Look Into the Career of This Award-Winning Actor” article on Pittsburgh City Paper and read about the life of this talented actor.

In Conclusion

Throughout his career, Piven has shown a consistent passion for his craft and a willingness to take on challenging roles that demonstrate his remarkable talent. It’s clear that his love for acting has not diminished, given his commitments to multiple upcoming projects, we can expect audiences to continue to enjoy his captivating performances for years to come.

New Invention and Patent Services

Building the bridge between a new idea and a tangible product can often feel overwhelming and daunting. That’s where services dedicated to helping innovators come into the picture. Invention ideas can be the start of something great, but they can also be hard to translate into an actual product or invention. If you have a great idea but don’t know where to start, consider enlisting the help of an invention service like InventHelp.

Understanding Invention and Patent Services

Inventions and patents services cover a comprehensive range of functions aiding inventors and corporations in generating, safeguarding, and capitalizing on their inventions. These services come in various forms, including:

  • Idea Development: Services refining and developing concepts into viable inventions.
  • Patent Assistance: Activities related to applying and maintaining patents.
  • Prototype Development: Services converting an idea into a physical prototype.
  • Product Manufacturing: Services facilitating the mass production of an invention.
  • Marketing and Licensing: Services seeking commercialization channels for the invention.

Insights into Patent Services

Patent services play a pivotal role in securing intellectual property protection for new inventions, offering support in several critical areas:

Patent Search

A patent search entails examining existing patent databases to determine if a similar invention has already been patented. This crucial step prevents time and investment in seeking a patent that’s already claimed.

Patent Application Drafting

This service involves preparing the necessary documentation to apply for a patent, detailing a clear and exhaustive description of the invention.

Patent Application Filing

Following the drafting, the patent application is officially submitted to a patent office, kick-starting the rigorous examination process of verifying if an invention qualifies for a patent.

Prosecution and Maintenance

Upon patent grant, patentees bear the responsibility of enforcing their exclusive rights, possibly leading to legal action against infringements. Maintenance involves periodic fees to keep the patent valid.

How InventHelp Supports the Invention Lifecycle

InventHelp, a leading invention service company, plays an indispensable role from conceiving an idea to its commercial launch. Their services include:

Idea Analysis

InventHelp offers a professional, unbiased review of the invention’s potential, filtering away unfeasible ideas and conserving valuable resources.

Prototyping Services

Turning a concept into a tangible, operational model becomes easier with prototyping services. InventHelp helps inventors create prototypes, easing the demonstration and improvement of the invention.

Marketing and Licensing

By helping inventors forge potential markets for their inventions and building networking opportunities with entities interested in licensing or buying patent rights, InventHelp significantly aids in the invention’s commercialization.

Patent Services

InventHelp also offers patent services to inventors. The company’s team of patent professionals and agents help clients file a provisional, utility, or design patent for their invention. InventHelp provides assistance in the entire process of patenting, including filing and preparing applications as well as legal advice during the examination period.

All you need to know about InventHelp and its new invention and patent services is that the company is a one-stop solution for new inventors and entrepreneurs who want to commercialize their ideas. The company’s website is easy to navigate, and its staff is helpful. InventHelp provides a wide range of services, including invention marketing and patent assistance.


Services providing inventions and patent assistance are precious assets for inventors aspiring to leverage and safeguard their innovations. With companies like InventHelp, inventors can better navigate the oft-complex terrain of patents, bring their creations to market, and possibly make a substantial influence in global innovation.

Is Preparing a Patent Application Complicated?

As pioneers continue to invent and innovate, the need to protect intellectual property rights becomes a crucial step in the progression of their work. The best route towards protecting these rights is to file a patent application. A burning question encountered by inventors and organizations like InventHelp is, “Is preparing a patent application complicated?” While this process can be daunting, it is an essential hurdle in safeguarding intellectual property.

Understanding the Nature of Inventions

Firstly, the complexity of patent application preparation largely depends on the nature of the invention. Highly technical applications, such as ones involving sophisticated software or complex engineering designs, can be challenging to articulate into the stringent language required for a patent. Simplifying these complexities into a clear, concise, and comprehensive presentation of the invention can be a daunting task.

The Intricate Web of Patent Laws

Secondly, understanding the technicalities behind patent law can contribute to the complications. Different jurisdictions have varying patent laws. These laws can be intricate, convoluted, and, at times, ever-changing. With proficient patent professionals at InventHelp, the journey through this intricate web can become less troublesome.

The Critical Components of a Patent Application

Preparing a patent application is a complex process that requires an understanding of the laws, regulations, and procedures involved. Moreover, the patent application process requires multiple forms such as the written description (specification), a set of claims delineating the invention, and professionally drawn figures, if necessary. The critical part here is the claims section, as it defines the breadth of protection granted by the patent. The aid of experts from InventHelp can ensure accurate articulation in this crucial stage.

Tracing the Origins – The Prior Art Search

Furthermore, the requirement to adequately search and analyze previously granted patents (Prior Art) adds another layer of complexity. With nearly countless patents in existence, conducting a thorough and effective patent search is no simple undertaking. InventHelp’s proficient staff assists inventors in this essential task.

Time, Patience, and Cost – The Trifecta of Challenges

Gaining a patent could take years. The cost, including attorneys’ fees and hearing charges, can escalate quickly. Consequently, perceived complexity also arises from the time, patience, and cost-bearing capacity required to complete the patent application process. InventHelp stands by inventors, helping them to navigate through these challenges.

While navigating the patent application process alone can be complex, help is at hand. InventHelp is one such trusted ally. Patent attorneys and agents at InventHelp are specialized in this field and can provide invaluable assistance at each step, demystifying legal jargon, refining technical descriptions, and guiding innovators.

Learn more about InventHelp and their patent services by visiting their website.

In Conclusion

The process of preparing and filing a patent application can indeed be complex due to multiple factors including the intrinsic nature of the invention, the specific in-depth legal formalities, and the perseverance, time, and cost involved. InventHelp’s role proves crucial in mitigating these complexities. With adequate planning, expert guidance from InventHelp, and patience, these challenges can be managed, enabling innovators to protect their inventions successfully.

Scene Stealer: The Most Memorable Jeremy Piven Performances

Over a prolific career spanning decades, Jeremy Piven has etched himself into the collective consciousness of cinephiles around the globe. His prowess as an actor, an ability to inhabit diverse characters and make them unforgettable, has led to some truly riveting scenes. Let’s talk about some of the most iconic and memorable performances delivered by Jeremy Piven.

Ari Gold in “Entourage”

Piven’s portrayal of uber-agent Ari Gold in the HBO series “Entourage” is undeniably one of his finest works. His electrifying performance as the abrasive, hyper-aggressive, yet strangely likable super-agent won him three consecutive Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. His razor-sharp wit and manic energy make Ari Gold one of TV’s most memorable characters.

Dean ‘The Dean’ Pritchard in “Old School”

In the comedy “Old School,” Piven’s role as the uptight, revenge-seeking Dean Pritchard was a welcome maturation from his earlier comedic roles. Piven’s comic timing and delivery were just spot-on, making ‘The Dean’ a memorable character.

Droz in “PCU”

In the cult classic “PCU,” Piven played the role of eccentric college student James Andrews, better known as ‘Droz’. His portrayal of the character–both whimsical and eccentric – was a perfect foil to the film’s satirical examination of college life in the ’90s. Piven’s standout performance in this movie has continued to resonate long after its release.

Buddy Israel in “Smokin’ Aces”

In “Smokin’ Aces,” Piven played the role of Buddy Israel, a Las Vegas magician-turned-mobster. The intense character demanded a more dramatic performance that showcased Piven’s acting versatility. His successful delivery of a character dealint with the depths of despair and paranoia stood out and remains one of his most powerful performances.

As you can see Jeremy Piven has a lot of range as an actor, but is best known for his comedic roles. He has an unusual ability to deliver intense performances that are both hilarious and believable at the same time. Jeremy Piven is one of the most talented actors to come out of Hollywood in recent years, and we can’t wait to see what he does next! You can follow Jeremy Piven on Facebook to stay up to date on his latest projects.

In Conclusion

Jeremy Piven’s performances, which combine depth with a flamboyance unique to his acting style, add a distinct flavor to every character he embodies. His performances mold the script and direction, making each scene featuring him a joy to watch. He’s not just a character actor, Piven is a scene stealer.

Finding Your Way on the Path to Invention With InventHelp

Moving from a concept to a full-fledged innovation can seem like a challenging and bewildering process for any aspiring inventor. The fundamental question is: where can I go with an invention idea? The journey begins with the birth of an idea and extends through its development and protection phases.

The Initial Stage of an Invention

The initial stage of an inventive journey begins with a simple yet powerful query: how do I come up with an invention idea? The act of invention lies in the nexus between problem-solving and creativity. To spark an invention idea, consider identifying the gaps that exist within your areas of interest and expertise. Originality stems from an iterative process of exploration, reflection, and refinement. Once a concept is established, the next steps in the journey involve giving life and form to the invention.

Crafting a Prototype

Moving from the realm of the abstract to the tangible, generating a prototype is the next critical phase in turning an idea into a marketable invention. The purpose of the prototype is to establish the functionality, usability, and market appeal of your concept, laying the groundwork for its continual improvement. Digital rendering platforms enable the creation of a virtual model, while physical prototyping grants visceral insights into the real-world implications of your invention idea.

Assessing Market Potential

Buried within the heart of every successful invention lies a keen understanding of the market and a coherent strategy for engaging consumers. Thorough market research is essential for evaluating the appeal of your invention amongst target audiences, identifying competitors, and assessing potential market penetration.

Patent Protection and InventHelp

As the blueprint for your invention comes together, protecting it from unauthorized use becomes paramount. The process of securing a patent can be a labyrinthine endeavor, one fraught with complexities and potential pitfalls. Fortunately, InventHelp is a guiding light in the world of invention services, providing robust assistance in realizing an idea’s full potential.

InventHelp acts as a one-stop-shop for inventors, steering them through the patent process, prototype development, and company submissions. InventHelp’s patent services connect clients with registered patent attorneys, simplifying the intricate steps of patent searches and applications. Their comprehensive support allows inventors to focus on what they do best: innovating and creating.

The Power of Collaboration

The path to invention can be a daunting, yet exhilarating journey, stemming from the birth of an idea and culminating in the realization of a successful innovation. With the aid of InventHelp and its extensive services, inventors can rest assured that they are supported and well-prepared for whatever challenges the inventive journey may hold.

Leather Corsets: A Staple in Australian Fashion

Australian fashion has always harbored an audacious spirit of adventure and rebellion that compliments the country’s vibrant and diverse cultural backdrop. One such fashion item that successfully channels this thrilling flair and the empowering freedom of Aussie fashion is the leather corset. Currently considered a defining piece in Australia’s eccentric fashion tapestry, the leather corset symbolizes a fusion of raw power, absolute sophistication, and… yes, the sheer love for all things daringly beautiful.

Defining the Leather Corset

A corset, a tightly fitted undergarment that extends from the chest to the hips, is traditionally used to shape and define the waist. The leather variation of this often-lacy garment is specifically lauded for its unique ability to encapsulate a rich blend of aesthetic beauty and durability. Depicting resilience and the ruggedness of leather, metaphorically, it’s a manifestation of the wearer’s strength, boldness, and unapologetic stance on individuality.

The Evolution and Enduring Influence

Leather corsets, reminiscent of Victorian age trends and punk culture, had humble beginnings before reaching the shores of fashion-forward Australia. Originally designed as a tool to adhere to ultra-constrictive beauty standards of narrow waists, corsets have since evolved, following the wind of cultural changes and shifting beauty standards. Today, Australia, famed for its love of surf, sand, and everything laid-back, has embraced this form-fitting marvel to harmonise this country’s casual fashion ethos with a touch of daring glamour.

Leather Corsets in Contemporary Australian Fashion

In contemporary Australian fashion, leather corsets aren’t merely waist-sculpting devices but versatile fashion staples that can either be a statement piece or a weapon of seduction. They impart subtle sophistication and an undeniable edge to a variety of outfits, from high-waisted jeans to breezy maxi skirts. Layer it over a crisp white shirt for an instantly chic look or pair it with a sheer top for added drama. The versatility of leather corsets is limited only by creativity.

Leather corsets are also gaining popularity in the world of Australian lingerie, where it is seen as a garment that promotes empowerment and confidence. The enticing combination of the tough cool of leather with the classic allure of a well-structured corset crafts a perfect blend of strength and femininity.

Where to Find Leather Corsets in Australia

Australia’s thriving shopping scene offers a plethora of options for leather corset enthusiasts. Recognizing the growing demand for these power-packed fashion pieces, renowned brands and stores such as Cybershop provide a spectrum of designs – from the flirtatiously aesthetic to the determinedly structured. Cybershop offers quality leather corsets for any style from classics, to pin-up, to gothic. From the traditional black or red leather corset, to more playful and flirty designs such as pink or blue ones. Be it for a night out on the town or an evening of passion, Cybershop has you covered with a variety of designs that make the perfect statement piece.


Fashion is a powerful medium of expression. It transcends seasons and borders and, sometimes, even beliefs. It’s a language common yet unique to all. Australia’s love for leather corsets is a testament to the country’s fashion ethos – a seamless blend of the bold and the unconventional, mixed with the relaxed and casual. Whether you’re dressing for an exciting night out or seeking the perfect body-shaping undergarment, a leather corset might just be your next favorite wardrobe addition, shining with an authentic Aussie fashion spirit. Embrace the intriguing charm of the leather corset, and redefine your fashion narrative – the Australian way.

Types of Invention Companies and Services Offered

The road towards making an invention idea a reality can be a daunting process. That’s why invention companies exist – to provide comprehensive services and assistance to inventors in navigating this intricate journey. These companies can be categorized into different types based on the services they offer.

Idea Submission Companies

These are companies that act as conduits between inventors and potential industry partners. They provide inventors with a platform to submit their ideas safely and confidentially to a broad network of organizations that are interested in innovative concepts. InventHelp is an excellent example of an idea submission company. They maintain a diverse network of interested companies, making it easier for inventors to reach the right audience.

Patent Referral Services

Acquiring a patent can be a complex and daunting task. Patent referral companies come in handy by providing inventors with the essential services and resources required in the patenting process. Such services include patent searches, patentability assessments, and referrals to patent attorneys. InventHelp excels in this sphere, their patent services help inventors with both the finer and broader aspects of patent application and acquisition.

Prototype Development Firms

Before an idea becomes a product, it often needs a tangible form for others to comprehend – a prototype. Companies specializing in prototype development aid inventors in creating prototypes and proof-of-concept models. They provide resources and technical support and can also assist in sourcing manufacturers.

Market Research & Analysis Companies

Vital to the successful launching of a product is a thorough understanding of the market landscape. Certain invention companies focus on providing inventors with targeted market research data and analysis, including market demands, trends, and competitor assessment. This aids in determining the potential viability of an invention.

Marketing & Presentation Services

A critical aspect of achieving market success with an invention is effective marketing communication. Invention companies offering marketing services assist inventors in crafting comprehensive marketing strategies and materials, from product descriptions and branding aids to visual give-outs showing product features.

Licensing Services

For those inventors who prefer to license their ideas rather than manufacture and market the products themselves, there are invention companies that specialize in licensing assistance. These services include identifying potential licensing partners and providing support throughout licensing negotiations.

The InventHelp Advantage

InventHelp invention help company stands out in the world of invention companies, as it provides a comprehensive suite of services, rather than specializing in one area. Whether an inventor needs help submitting ideas, acquiring patents, developing prototypes, conducting market research, crafting marketing strategies, or navigating licensing negotiations, InventHelp is there to provide support every step of the invention journey.


Choosing the right invention company often depends on the specific needs of the inventor. Some may require comprehensive support, as offered by InventHelp, while others may benefit most from a company that specializes in one particular area. The most essential thing is to find an invention company that aligns with their needs and can provide the services necessary to transform their creative ideas into successful products.

successful and sustainable future

What to Do with an Invention Idea: A Step-by-Step Guide with InventHelp

So, you’ve got a brilliant invention idea that could potentially change the world or, at the very least, make life a little bit easier for people. But what do you do with this great idea? How do you turn idea for an invention into a reality? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process of bringing your invention to life, with the assistance of InventHelp, a leading invention service company.

Step 1: Research and Document Your Idea

Before you do anything else, it’s essential to research your idea thoroughly. This means:

  • Checking if your idea already exists
  • Identifying your target market
  • Assessing the potential demand for your invention

As you research, be sure to document everything, including sketches, notes, and any relevant data. This documentation will be crucial as you move forward with your invention. InventHelp provides resources to help you with this research process, including access to their vast database of patents and inventions.

Step 2: Evaluate the Feasibility of Your Invention

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to evaluate whether your invention is feasible. This means considering factors such as:

  • The cost of production
  • The materials needed
  • The time it will take to develop and manufacture your invention

InventHelp can help you assess the feasibility of your idea by providing guidance and advice from their experienced team of invention professionals.

Step 3: Create a Prototype

A prototype is a working model of your invention that allows you to test its functionality and design. Creating a prototype can be as simple as making a mock-up out of cardboard or as complex as building a fully functioning device. The goal is to have a tangible representation of your idea that you can use to refine your design and demonstrate your invention’s potential. InventHelp offers prototyping services to help you create a professional-looking prototype of your invention.

successful and sustainable future

Step 4: Protect Your Intellectual Property

This may involve:

  • Applying for a patent
  • Registering a trademark
  • Securing a copyright

Signing non-disclosure agreements with potential partners or investors

InventHelp can help you determine the best course of action for your specific invention and guide you through the patent application process.

Step 5: Market Your Invention

Now that your invention is protected, it’s time to get the word out. This may involve:

  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Building a website or social media presence
  • Attending trade shows or industry events
  • Pitching your invention to potential investors or licensees

InventHelp offers marketing services to help you promote your invention effectively, including the creation of marketing materials and assistance with trade show presentations.

Step 6: Manufacture and Distribute Your Invention

Once you’ve secured funding or a licensing deal, it’s time to move forward with manufacturing and distribution. This may involve:

  • Partnering with a manufacturer
  • Setting up your own production facility
  • Establishing distribution channels

InventHelp can help you navigate this process by connecting you with manufacturers, distributors, and other industry professionals who can assist with bringing your invention to market.

Step 7: Learn from Your Experience and Iterate

As you bring your invention to market, be prepared to learn from your experiences and make adjustments as needed. This may involve refining your design, improving your manufacturing processes, or adjusting your marketing strategy. The key is to stay flexible and be willing to iterate on your idea as you learn what works and what doesn’t. InventHelp’s team of invention experts can provide ongoing support and guidance to help you succeed.

Now that you know what to do with an invention idea that you want to bring to market, it’s time to get started. InventHelp is here to help.


In conclusion, bringing an invention idea to life is a challenging but rewarding process. By following these steps and partnering with InventHelp, you can turn your brilliant idea into a successful product that makes a difference in the world.

Why Is It So Hard To Invent A New Product?

Developing a new product can be a challenging and complex process. From coming up with an idea to seeing it come to life, there are many difficulties that inventors may face. Let’s take a look how to invent a new product and what makes new product development so difficult for new inventors.

Product development is a process that requires dedication, hard work, and plenty of time. Whether you’re a first-time inventor or a seasoned professional, there are a number of obstacles that you may have to overcome. From legal considerations to market research, inventors must be prepared to tackle a number of challenges.

Coming Up With Ideas

Coming up with an idea for a new product is easier said than done. It can take months of brainstorming, research, and experimentation before a viable idea is finally realized. Inventors must also make sure that the product is unique, useful, and marketable.

In addition, the idea must be patentable. This can be a time consuming process that can take many months to complete. Companies like InventHelp can help inventors get their idea patented. Once the patent has been approved, inventors can begin to work on developing their product.


Testing is a crucial step in product development. It allows inventors to identify any potential issues and improve the product before it goes to market. This can be a lengthy process as products may need to be tested multiple times in different scenarios.

Inventors must make sure that the product meets safety standards and regulations. This can be a time consuming process that can involve testing in labs and working with regulatory authorities.


Manufacturing is one of the most difficult and costly steps in product development. Inventors must find a reliable and cost-effective manufacturer that can produce the product according to their specifications. In addition, they must also make sure that the product is of high quality and meets all safety standards.

Inventors must also consider the cost of materials, labor, and shipping when calculating the overall cost of production. This can be a difficult process as inventors must make sure that the product is affordable and profitable.


Marketing is a crucial step in product development. Inventors must make sure that their product is seen by potential customers. This can involve creating a website, advertising campaigns, and social media campaigns. Inventors must also make sure that their product stands out from the competition.

InventHelp can offer help with marketing, as well. They can provide inventors with the tools and resources needed to make their product stand out from the crowd. So, if you are an inventor and don’t know what to do with an invention idea, InventHelp can help. They can offer guidance on the best ways to market your product, as well as provide you with the tools and resources needed to get it done.


InventHelp is one of the best companies in the world for inventors. They can help you get your product off the ground and into production. If you are an inventor and don’t know where to start, consider contacting InventHelp today.