Although its initial symptoms resemble the cold; it can lead to much more serious complications. Also contrary to popular belief; the virus has killed many more people in the world compared to many other diseases, especially in the past. Although there is no definite cure; you can easily prevent the virus from disturbing your life.

Personal Hygiene

This is the single most important prevention that you can actually do. You have to wash your hands repeatedly (especially after contact with people and money) and you have to use soap to wash them. In the situation where you can’t wash your hands, you can always wipe your hands with an alcoholic solution or an alcohol based soft wipe. According to the latest reports from the CDC, the coronavirus can live on various surfaces for 48 hours. Thus, it is essential that you keep your hands clean all the time.


Especially if you are in a risk group (over 65, small children going to school, a person with diabetes, heart disease etc.) then it is essential that you get vaccinated if possible. Vaccinating with the new vaccines can help protect you against the virus. There is a very little chance to contract the virus once you are vaccinated.

Take Precautions

There are several precautions that you can take which can help you protect yourself against the virus. The first important precaution that you can take is to stay away from people who have the virus and always wear a face mask in crowded areas. N95 masks are the best and there are a lot N95 masks for sale on internet. It is mainly a disease that spreads by contact or by sneezing, so you should make sure that you steer yourself clear of such people. Also eating a balanced diet and taking Vitamin C supplements have been proven to boost your immune system and thus provide protection to you from the virus.

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