There are numerous questions that arise often regarding the spray gun especially the HVLP that is mostly used hence the need to learn a few important tips about this device. The HVLP guns usually spray paint that is thicker with less air. The main problem is that the paint droplets from this spray gun are quite big and create an orange peel on the surface and this is not pleasing.

There is a chemical that helps to ensure that any blemishes and dirt particles are removed. There are chemicals specially formulated with thinners so that paint flows out each drop at a time before the paint settles. You will also need to use thinners that are also designed for varying temperatures. Novice painters are always recommended to use low air pressures for use on their small compressor spray gun. Many instructions offered to novice painters talk about low pressure measured at the front part of the gun.

Low pressure simply means pressure ranging from 8 to 10 psi. It is important to note that pressure that comes into the guns need to be a bit higher than what many think of. In case it is recommended that you use 45 psi it means 45 psi at the gun as air enters into its end not at the compressor. The pressure will then drop drastically from the compressor to the gun. Most professionals however use this recommended air pressure with the trigger pulled and keep watch on their air pressure to drop and then stabilize. The biggest challenge with the orange peel and large paint drops is the fact that air pressure used by novice painters is quite low.

Professionals usually use one gun to apply primers and another for colors and clears only. The primers will cause wearing out of a paint gun within a very short time if used continuously. When using a spray gun you must reduce the amount of fluid coming out so as to reduce droplet size too. This in turn reduces the amount of paint coming out so you must apply the paint at a slow pace. Any increase in speed could lead to insufficient paint on some areas of a surface.

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