One of the most challenging and demanding situation for a dog owner arises when he or she has to clip dog’s nail. This situation is particularly tricky and will definitely involve mayhem if your dog is upset or has gone through some bad experience with this clipping section earlier.

Dogs are very responsive and tend to remember harsh and happy moments. So, clipping a dog’s nail can become a psychological battle which has to be won for health reasons. If you don’t feel confident, it would be best to take your dog to a professional dog grooming Coral Gables salon and let the professionals do it.

Pet such as dog love to scratch and lick their body and they don’t have shoes or foot wears to cover there paws. In such case any bacteria or organism can intrude in their system if they big nails. So, clipping is necessary. Here are some ways of clipping a dog’s nail.

1. Buy a good pair of dog nail clippers, ensure that they are safe nail clippers and buy some styptic powder too. If you have a pair of clipper then you must check whether it is working perfectly or not. This is necessary to ensure that too much nail is not trimmed.

2. Dogs can bite and may cause a serious injury or may just wriggle if they are scared. So, you should get a dog muzzle to ensure safety of those people who are clipping a dog’s nail.

3. Dogs are like babies, so hold the dog gently and talk to them calmly while the clipping is going one. This offers a support to the dog and you should know your dog’s behavior.

Make sure you hold the dog tightly so no movement happens while clipping is going. You must start with the back feet and proceed further. If any bleeding takes place then styptic powder should be used.

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