Building the bridge between a new idea and a tangible product can often feel overwhelming and daunting. That’s where services dedicated to helping innovators come into the picture. Invention ideas can be the start of something great, but they can also be hard to translate into an actual product or invention. If you have a great idea but don’t know where to start, consider enlisting the help of an invention service like InventHelp.

Understanding Invention and Patent Services

Inventions and patents services cover a comprehensive range of functions aiding inventors and corporations in generating, safeguarding, and capitalizing on their inventions. These services come in various forms, including:

  • Idea Development: Services refining and developing concepts into viable inventions.
  • Patent Assistance: Activities related to applying and maintaining patents.
  • Prototype Development: Services converting an idea into a physical prototype.
  • Product Manufacturing: Services facilitating the mass production of an invention.
  • Marketing and Licensing: Services seeking commercialization channels for the invention.

Insights into Patent Services

Patent services play a pivotal role in securing intellectual property protection for new inventions, offering support in several critical areas:

Patent Search

A patent search entails examining existing patent databases to determine if a similar invention has already been patented. This crucial step prevents time and investment in seeking a patent that’s already claimed.

Patent Application Drafting

This service involves preparing the necessary documentation to apply for a patent, detailing a clear and exhaustive description of the invention.

Patent Application Filing

Following the drafting, the patent application is officially submitted to a patent office, kick-starting the rigorous examination process of verifying if an invention qualifies for a patent.

Prosecution and Maintenance

Upon patent grant, patentees bear the responsibility of enforcing their exclusive rights, possibly leading to legal action against infringements. Maintenance involves periodic fees to keep the patent valid.

How InventHelp Supports the Invention Lifecycle

InventHelp, a leading invention service company, plays an indispensable role from conceiving an idea to its commercial launch. Their services include:

Idea Analysis

InventHelp offers a professional, unbiased review of the invention’s potential, filtering away unfeasible ideas and conserving valuable resources.

Prototyping Services

Turning a concept into a tangible, operational model becomes easier with prototyping services. InventHelp helps inventors create prototypes, easing the demonstration and improvement of the invention.

Marketing and Licensing

By helping inventors forge potential markets for their inventions and building networking opportunities with entities interested in licensing or buying patent rights, InventHelp significantly aids in the invention’s commercialization.

Patent Services

InventHelp also offers patent services to inventors. The company’s team of patent professionals and agents help clients file a provisional, utility, or design patent for their invention. InventHelp provides assistance in the entire process of patenting, including filing and preparing applications as well as legal advice during the examination period.

All you need to know about InventHelp and its new invention and patent services is that the company is a one-stop solution for new inventors and entrepreneurs who want to commercialize their ideas. The company’s website is easy to navigate, and its staff is helpful. InventHelp provides a wide range of services, including invention marketing and patent assistance.


Services providing inventions and patent assistance are precious assets for inventors aspiring to leverage and safeguard their innovations. With companies like InventHelp, inventors can better navigate the oft-complex terrain of patents, bring their creations to market, and possibly make a substantial influence in global innovation.

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