The termite inspection cost can vary significantly between different companies. It is therefore always recommended to contact several companies and ask about the termite inspection cost before you select one. Simply picking the Sunshine Coast inspection company promising the lowest termite inspection cost can however prove expensive in the long run. Before you make any decision, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Comparing termite inspection cost – tip # 1

Is there any department in your area that license termite inspection companies and similar extermination enterprises? In many parts of the world, the Department of Agriculture or a similar entity will license pest control companies. If such an entity exists where you live, it is often good idea to pick a company that has obtained such a license, even if it means that you pay a slightly higher termite inspection cost.

Comparing termite inspection cost – tip # 2

Is the termite inspection company a member of any reputable organization that you trust and that has a good reputation in your area? Such an organization can for instance be a State Pest Management Association, National Pest Management Association or similar. Membership in a reputable business organization suggests that the company is an established firm, but membership is naturally never a guarantee for a high quality job.

Comparing termite inspection cost – tip # 3

Contact your home insurance company and ask about their policy when it comes to termite inspections. Your insurance policy might for instance cover the cost of termite treatment only when carried out by a licensed company.

Comparing termite inspection cost – tip # 4

Don’t fixate on the price – ask the company what will be included in the termite inspection cost. Different companies offer different forms of termite inspections, and you might even be able to purchase different packages from the same company. This will naturally affect the termite inspection cost. Do you want to purchase only a termite inspection, or do you want a full package with inspections, exterminations, prevention and a guarantee for the future? Treatment and prevention methods as well as guarantees and warranties will vary significantly between different companies.

Comparing termite inspection cost – tip # 5

Don’t stress. A lot of home owners panic when they realize that their home might be infested with termites and simply pick the first available inspection company in the yellow pages, without even giving them self time to compare termite inspections costs . There is however absolutely no reason to panic. Termites will slowly damage your building and you will have time to compare termite inspection cost offers from several Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast companies.

Comparing termite inspection cost – tip # 6

Avoid pushy companies that try to pressure you into signing with them. All reputable termite inspection companies know that a few days won’t really make a difference when it comes to termite damage. By using scare tactics, dishonest companies sometimes try to lure homeowners into paying an unnecessary high termite inspection cost . Offering rapid service is naturally a good thing, but avoid companies that make it sound as if your house will collapse if you wait a few days. They only want to prevent you from obtaining termite inspection cost offers form other companies.

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