The third eye, also referred as inner eye, is an esoteric and mystical thought pointing to an invisible eye providing insights beyond ordinary realm. In the Hinduism, third eye indicates the Ajna or brow chakra. In theosophy, the third eye connects with the pineal gland. It constitutes the gate through which one can enter to a higher level of consciousness and to the inner realms.

The modern concept of the Third Eye Chakra symbolizes a level of enlightenment and is a state of invocation of mental images of great psychological or spiritual importance. The third eye is more often than not also associated with religious vision and ability to scrutinize auras, chakras, out of body experiences and insight into future. Those having the capacity to use third eye are seers. As per some religious traditions like the Hinduism, the third eye is located in the middle of the forehead and a bit above the junction of the two eyebrows.

In some other faiths like Theosophy, third eye connects to the pineal gland, and as per this belief, in the olden days, humans had an actual third eye on the back of their head equipped with performing spiritual and physical functions. As time passed by, the evolution of humans resulted in the atrophy of the third eye and its sinking into the pineal gland. It propounds without any scientific basis that the pineal gland that maintain light sensitivity is largely instrumental in the production as well as the release of dimethyltryptamine abbreviated as DMT.

The DMT is a psychedelic drug widely believed that it secretes in large quantity both in case of death and birth. The Hinduism associates third eye with a crown or “sahasrara” chakra while in Tantra system of yoga; it connects with “Om” sound and is referred as Ajna chakra. The Shivatic lotus having ten thousand petals constitutes crown in Tantra. In many of the Chinese religious sects like Chan and Taoism, “third eye training” refers to focusing one’s attention at the point between eyebrows keeping one’s eyes closed.

As per the teachings of the Taoism, the third eye, also referred as mind’s eye, is there in the middle of the two existing eyes and extends up to the middle point of the forehead when this eye opens. As in the Hinduism, the Taoism also believes third eye to be an energy center of the body, but unlike the Hinduism believes its location at the sixth chakra. In the Christianity, third eye is the metaphor for thinking such as non-dualistic; as the mystics perceive it.

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